Recovery from addiction takes courage, discipline, and determination.

It also demands we answer some very important questions, or risk slipping back.

We’re pretty clear that we can’t go back to how we were.

But where does that leave us?

Most people in early sobriety will find themselves wondering…

Who am I without drugs and alcohol? Without acting out?

You might have gotten as far as realizing you need to get comfortable with your “sober self.”

True enough. But the more exciting (okay, and terrifying) question of all is…

Who do I want my sober self to be?

Fortunately, the answers are already there inside you.

You weren’t always an addict.

You are first and foremost YOU.

Yes, YOU – that courageous, fabulous person who deserves a shot at discovering who they really are, without drugs and alcohol, and what they want out of life from here on out.

I coach men and women recovering from all types of addictions to adopt a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle that will give them the best reason of all to stay sober…

True happiness and a love of life.

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