If your love life seems grey and dull…

If you’re convinced there’s no one out there for you….

If you find yourself saying things like “I have no friends” or “I have no life…”

If you don’t believe you’re really lovable…

Then I want you to find the love!

What do you love?

I’ve found that when I ask people this question without warning, their eyes widen. They look completely baffled.

Or how about this one?

What makes you happy?

They’re harder questions than they seem, right?

I’ve even heard some say things like happiness isn’t the point… followed by a long, sad sigh.

I disagree! I believe that happiness IS the point.

I also believe that loving relationships are what bring joy and meaning to our lives.

Why love?

Love makes us happy.

Love is free.

Love is a renewable resource.

And my favorite reason of all…

Love isn’t something we have to wait for.

Love can be created.

By you.

Love isn’t a science, but it IS a decision.

I coach men and women of all ages to find true love by opening themselves up to life from the inside out.

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